Metro 0.7 Released

2009 March 11
tags: ColdFusion · Metro · Transfer
by Paul Marcotte

The latest Metro release (0.7) provides new behaviour to the core Service and Gateway and to the user package domain objects as well as some bug fixes, minor updates and code cleanup.  Here is a list of the important changes.

  • Added a 'reap' method to core Service and Gateway that allows one to quickly discard an instance from the Transfer Cache. If no key is specified, all instances of that class will be discarded.
  • Added several methods to the User, Role and Permission objects.

When I first started working on the code that is now Metro, I never suspected that development would proceed at the current pace. During that time, my approach to application development has changed and this has also had an impact on the Metro library. Therefore, I anticipate more change to Metro over the course of the next few releases. With my hope to have a solid API and process in place by the time Metro reaches 1.0.

I'm flattered by some of the recent interest in Metro and I admit that documentation is rather sparse. Unfortunately, I have not been in a position to fully document how to use Metro since it is somewhat in flux. I will, however, put together a brief project page to answer some of the questions I've been asked.