Introducing JSLint AIR Edition: Made with Aptana, Ext JS and Adobe Integrated Runtime

2007 September 06
tags: AIR · Aptana · Ext JS · Javascript
by Paul Marcotte
I've been dabbling with Ext JS for a while now in the hopes of integrating it into the various projects I have on the go. While exploring some ways to better construct a Javascript front end by separating out my code into 'components', I discovered JSLint, The Javascript Verifier. One thing lead to another and within a day I had a working Alpha version of JSLint as an AIR application...If you've never used JSLint, the concept is simple. JSLint will verify your source code against a selected option set and provide a report of any errors found. With the AIR Edition, you can copy and paste your code, or open a local file to populate the source input field. When you choose to open a file, you can also save any changes made to the original file. JSLint AIR Edition also includes a 'tool' to fix whitespace errors (coverts tab spaces to four character spaces) and a listing view that highlights the problem lines from your source code. UPDATE: Here are some screen shots of JSLint AIR Edition Form view: Report view: Listing view: This project is definitely a work in progress and at the time of this writing is at beta 0.1. I've only explored some of the common functionality expected from a desktop user experience. There are plenty of features that can be added to make this a more robust application. I will follow up with some code samples and introduce some ideas I have about how to organize my javascript code to reduce coupling and promote cohesion and maintainability. For anyone interested in exploring HTML/Javascript AIR development, here are some tools and resources that I found indispensable. 1. Aptana IDE (Eclipse plug-in version). 2. JavaScript Language Reference for the Adobe® Integrated Runtime (AIR™). 3. Developing AIR Applications with HTML (book). 4. Adobe Integrated Runtime for Javascript Developers.